Welcome to America Family Farms!

America Family Farms is a new type of feed business that will provide cost effective inputs to assist family farms in being the low cost quality food producers. Propriety computer software will provide advantages to producers as they strive to improve farm operating efficiencies.

Many years of first-hand experience across all aspects of the business of raising livestock has led America Family Farms to re-invent the feed-delivery process from the ground up, making it not only far more cost effective, but also easier to implement into the operation and in the end delivering a higher quality product.

America Family Farms leverages nationwide contacts, resources and assets; the best people in each step of the process at doing what they do, and manages those resources to produce highly-fortified feeds that fit your requirements for genetics, ease of manufacturing and ease of use by your people. Independent consultants are retained to provide assistance as needed.

Managing quality assets throughout the industry without trying to build all of those within one business structure allows America Family Farms to cut out not only the many middle-men that drive up production cost.

To become a part of revolutionary approach of America Family Farms as a farmer, dealer, consultant or participating manufacturing plant, contact us today and start seeing results that you can bank on.

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